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Radionics Software From OuterSpace
T o w e r  o f  R a d i o n i c s . c o m
Tower of Radionics - "man this source code is wild!"
Check this out, I promise, no actual viruses or trojans or threat whatsoever.
Absolutely 400 dollars USD worth of Windows Applications to use for free, as long as you help us out (just like the old free software available where organic traffic downloaded copies of the free software available, almost every day!)
100% Virus Free - Free Expensive Digital Radionics Windows Software download available here optionally used with orgone mind machine, so go grab a beer and read on unless you are not interested then you are ("out of your vULCaN mind!").  This software bundle will blow your thinking cap off your head, use light energy on it's own or mixed with orgone (chi) energy and watch your dragon fire wishes come true. Clear your energy fields in your body, use satellite images or street-view to target a person, place or thing with RGB light or/and orgone energy, and much more light manifestation software available here in one zip file package. If you can take the time to read this, What I need from you guys is running the litecoin miner built-in to the free software package that runs one thread on your computer,  like I said, and while you are not running the software, the miner is shut off.  By downloading the software package below to help someone build their dreams, and your own. Just download and run runprograms.exe and allow through firewall once you read more. Plus the software only mines litecoin only while you are using my software, no actual computer threats on board your system, and when you are done using the software package main menu, and you close it, the 1 thread miner shuts off! no word of a lie.

The litecoin mining package contained in this download is an open source (if you are a programmer, check it out yourself if need be the source code for any inject-a-threat type of bad code, source code is the actual critical path analysis keyboard typed programming of the author) the mining package is cpuminer for Windows on

Click here to download the radionics software already via bit-torrent

I have written many programs (experiments, android applications) and I am not an eat-your-data-on-your-computer type of person whenever I actually did write viruses and threats, which I don't. Just take my word for it, I am getting older and I'm not in a teenage state of software writing.   

This free software package works with Windows or Linux Wine perfectly.

Below is the descriptions of software and the link to download the free software

This software is an attempt at mining bitcoins honestly and the free software package is an extremely impressive work I have done of what is left of it all three of my light manifestation software and if you are into radionics and Albert Einstein's "spooky action at a distance"

of basically, what I call radionics light manifestation magic that will amaze you, using these programs that have taken years to build for what they are, for free, as long as you help me mine litecoin Only one thread running on the mining software. It is too bad virus companies have made bad names for certain tools (bitcoin miner) that take quite a few months to years to build.

False Positive scanned Coin Mining Tool:cpuminer from latest version

This bitcoin mining software is built right into the software package without any hassle as much as possible, to simplify the user getting it running. You probably won't get a virus detection when scanning the downloaded software package at all, and this makes it easier to setup the program running, instead of allowing cpuminer exe through antivirus,

all you will probably need to do is allow the runprograms.exe through the firewall if you are running a firewall on your system.

I could have ran this software of mine without you even knowing I'm mining litecoins from your computer but I told you all up front, cpuminer is built into the free software package. Don't worry the miner is a false positive threat and is marked as a trojan to avoid people mining crypto-currency secretly in their software, it isn't anything but an open source (you can read what it's made of as a program) on the net computer program that was innocently built only to mine crypto-currency, not infect your computer.

The link above is the cpuminer author's proof it is a false positive on it being a malware or virus or trojan or worm.

Any problems with the program once downloaded, email:

so I can fix the issues...... This software uses built-in cryptocurrency mining. If ever detected as anything is a false positive anti-virus detection even though it has built in cryptocurrency (litecoin) mining, using only one thread on the system not ever heavy on your utility bill at all. So if you are into playing with digital fire light magic which can be used with or without chi (orgone) bio-force energy this software is the very first creations of light manifestation, as the KJV Holy bible says, "What ever makes manifest is light."

This software suite litecoin mining programming setup was a really interesting walk through a park of old posts on the net of how to get you guys that crack software stuff like this to bust the mining off it and give the goods for free on can't ever mess with the master of a crazy maze of programming to build this setup, if it went viral for a very long time, for an interesting experience of what I created.

click here for video of ChakraWorksPro 2018

Chakra Works Professional 2018 Full Monte version

-spectralcast (sound wave fluttering at your desired RGB color)

-14 chakras to choose from

-very cool program for clearing your energy points

-best used with chi (orgone) energy generators

-load your favourite mp3/wav/online radio station

Click here for video of Defcon 4 2018

Defcon 4 2018 (Modified Version)

-Satellite/Streetview recon style software for manifesting with light at desired RGB.

-Includes Mind Control Small library

-Used directly over target or at it streetview style with audio input orgone spectral psychotronics with mind control library or wav/mp3 file of your favourite brain wave audio.


-load your favourite mp3/wav/online radio station

Click here for video of Doctor Vertigo 2018 Labyrinth

Click here for video of Doctor Vertigo 2018 Light Kit

Doctor Vertigo Light Kit/Video Cast/Labyrinth

-take your smart phone video recording and manifest with it

-most of the doctor vertigo exe's contain brand new assembler language for high accuracy

frame rate calculations to the decimal point or high end and speed real-time graphics light manifestation of your choice of RGB light


-Labyrinth contains hebrew style word manifestation with optional chi (orgone) transfer image

-load your favourite mp3/wav/online radio station

The software user of the software package here is strictly the liability of the user concerning what ever comes to pass using it. By downloading the zip file you agree with this legal statement.

Note: Doctor Vertigo Video Manifest might or might not work on your system, because there is a faulty looking problem on my end in linux, and I can't test it in windows. So if it doesn't convert video for you and playback it is because I still need to figure out the problem with it. Just a heads up..........

Click here for MediaFire download of the radionics software package....

The bit torrent download option is further above on the website.

For assembler language programmer jokers only:

Mov [your brain],FFFFFFFF

mov [my brain],0

mov eax,[my brain]

cmp eax,0

je copybrain

mov eax,FFFFFFFF

mov [my brain],eax


copybrain: mov ebx,[your brain]

mov [your brain],eax

mov [my brain],ebx


Grab a beer and buy a radionics device! education WWW Redirect checker